What Will It Take is a media, collaboration, learning, and social engagement platform that inspires, connects, educates and engages women everywhere to advance in all levels of leadership and take action.

What Will It Take acts as a connective tissue bringing together existing stakeholders and champions of women’s leadership across industries on a single platform to foster collaboration and coordination.

We believe there is no limit to what people can achieve when mission and outcome are aligned.


COVID Gendered

NO. 12: Hopes for Change and Recovery

The inauguration of the 46th President was a hopeful moment for so many across the country. When Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor swore in Vice President Kamala Harris as the first ever female, Black, and Southeast Asian VP, not to mention highest ranking woman in US history, the nation saw women of color leading like never before—with barrier-breaking institutional power.

NO. 11: A Look Forward

With the election days away, the US is at a crossroad. The Coronavirus has affected us all but not affected us equally. Women are dropping out of the workforce at rates never seen before. Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Filipino communities have been hit the hardest...

NO. 9: Women Continue to Be the Leaders We Need

America remains the country with the most Coronavirus deaths—more than 200,000—despite having only 4% of the world’s population. As we continue sheltering in place, distance learning, and getting Zoom fatigue, the economy, and particularly women, suffer.

Women & Money Article Series

What Impact Is Your Money Making?

We need to mobilize our dollars to create transformative systems change and build the economy we want to see. And it begins on an individual basis where we examine our biases, look at our conditioning, and take action.

Moving Money for Impact

Read an excerpt from Moving Money for Impact: A Guide to Gender Lens Investing by Tuti B. Scott with Lex Schroeder.

What Will It Take features both in-person live events and a digital platform to encourage women across the country to move the dialogue forward about women’s leadership.

What Will It Take acts as a megaphone for the voices and organizations of the women’s leadership movement and spurs an ongoing campaign to educate, inspire and prepare women across the country to become civically engaged and run for elected office, as well as pursue other positions of leadership and use their voices toward change.

We provide a centralized space to connect women and allies to organizations, trainings, events, actions, tools, and other helpful resources.

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