What Will it Take Movements is proud to announce our Women & Money Initiative, a platform for action to mobilize more women and feminist men to invest and fund gender lens initiatives.  

Trillions of dollars will be inherited by women in the next two decades, yet most women, and even 46% of women of influence, still have fears of going broke. More than 90% of women believe they need to be involved with their financial strategies. The gender wealth gap (assets and income) for women is real and most intensely felt by women of color.  

What will it take for all women to get in the game of money and move their entire purse in alignment with their values? What are the tools and conversations that women need to have to more easily activate their capital as impact investors and social justice givers? Our Women & Money Initiative will explore the answers to these questions as we strive to highlight how critical it is for all people to invest with a gender lens and how it best serves social change for our economic, political and financial systems.  

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JOIN US! Women & Money: Making Money Moves that Matter is a gathering of catalytic leaders and activists in the fields of strategic philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, angel investing, and impact/gender lens investing to connect, learn from each other, and collaborate in new ways. Join us September 16-17 in Austin, TX, to get new tools and explore coalitions that are forming to amplify women’s giving and investing and make a bigger impact. Produced in partnership with Changemaker Strategies and Tuti Scott. Facilitated by Tracy Gray (of The 22 Fund) and Tuti Scott.  GET TICKETS

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Making Money Moves that Matter Series

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Join fierce leaders in the philanthropy, investing and activist community September 16-17, 2019 to discuss and frame an agenda of actions and solutions to encourage more people to think about gender and impact when they give, spend and invest.