What Will It Take’s Women & Money Initiative is a platform for action to mobilize people to invest in and fund gender lens and social justice initiatives.  

There are so many serious problems that we face in the world, and it is time for women—and all of us—to move our money and resources in alignment with our values and use money as a transformative force to help create the more equitable, just, sustainable world we envision. Leaders and organizations are ready and eager to come together to build coalitions, think strategically and collaboratively, share resources and tools, and work collectively, and we aim to provide the impetus and conditions for that to take place.

Our Women & Money Initiative strives to provide the tools, resources, and conversations women need to more easily activate their capital as impact investors and social justice givers and to highlight how critical it is for all people to invest with a gender lens and how it best serves social change for our economic, political, and financial systems.  

Produced by Tuti Scott and presented by What Will It Take Movements in partnership with Changemaker Strategies, Women & Money: Making Money Moves That Matter was an inaugural gathering of catalytic leaders and activists in the fields of strategic philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, angel investing, and impact/gender lens investing in Austin, TX on Sept. 16-17, 2019 to build our collective power and craft action plans for mobilizing money with a gender, racial, and economic justice lens. THANK YOU to our all of our leaders, speakers, partners, sponsors, and attendees for making this such a powerful gathering!  

What Will It Take partner Changemaker Strategies
will be holding an event Oct 25-27, 2024
at OMEGA Institute in Rhinebeck, NY


Explore the links below for highlights & takeaways from the 2019 event

Making Money Moves that Matter Series

Sharing expertise on giving, investing and spending with a gender lens. Articles curated and edited by Lex Schroeder and Angela Joshi.

What Impact Is Your Money Making?

We need to mobilize our dollars to create transformative systems change and build the economy we want to see. And it begins on an individual basis where we examine our biases, look at our conditioning, and take action.

Moving Money for Impact

Read an excerpt from Moving Money for Impact: A Guide to Gender Lens Investing by Tuti B. Scott with Lex Schroeder.

RIAs Leading with Values

Rachel Robasciotti and Michelle Mathieu reveal how independence has empowered them to do business in ways that are in line with their own values— and those of their clients

How To Finally Fix The Gender Gap In VC

In this Part II of a two-part series, we identify systemic problems with the current institutions that fund venture capital (VC) groups and propose how to change this archaic system.