Cultivating Catalysts in a Diverse Financial Ecosystem

Women&Money is a community contributing vital economic innovation by supporting women+ and all leaders on the front lines of systems change in social finance, therefore accelerating money that moves with a gender, racial, and economic justice lens.

Through in-person and virtual sacred space of learning, networking, and events, Women&Money offers a space for fierce leaders in social finance looking to expand smart strategies, bolster networks, and birth new, innovative solutions. We serve as a launch pad for those acting boldly and urgently to create a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world. 

Building off the notable success of the November 2019 and September 2023 gatherings, Women&Money: Making Money Moves that Matter is seeking funders to support women of color to join us at an in-person gathering at OMEGA in October 2024.

What Will It Take partner Changemaker Strategies
will be holding an event Oct 25-27, 2024
at OMEGA Institute in Rhinebeck, NY

Click here to find out more and register.


Who makes up the current Women&Money community?
The Women&Money community is an exceptional group of influential, diverse, impactful leaders with immense networks, expertise, and resources. The current community comprises 150 individuals who are leaders in philanthropy, venture capital and values-based investing. These humble, generous, catalytic professionals represent funding networks, investment firms, philanthropic entities, donor communities, thought leaders, online portals for funding and moving money, investor networks, gender justice organizations, and more. With intentionally diverse referrals, this community continues to organically grow and flower, serving a vital need in disrupting the norms of the broader social financial ecosystem.

How can I get involved? 

  • Share articles written by Women&Money members via What Will It Take Movements 
  • Be active on Women&Money LinkedIn group posts updates 
  • Email to join the community if you strive to fulfill one or more the following requirements;
    1. You are a disruptive leader in the financial system who desires to amplify impact and equity.
    2. You are committed to lifting up women, especially BIPOC, and moving money for impact to them and/or via their work.
    3. You are actively working at an ecosystem scale to uproot the patriarchy and decenter whiteness in finance and/or philanthropy.

Who facilitates the Women&Money work?
The community is hosted and facilitated by the consulting firm Changemaker Strategies and members of its team. While supporting women+ and all leaders on the front lines of systems change in finance, we have created “Accountability” and “Brave Heart” conversations exploring values, equity, and allyship in social finance and philanthropy. We believe these courageous healing exchanges need to be front and center as we each work inside and/or outside systems to drive justice. Additionally, this work is offered to any curated spaces where leaders in philanthropy, foundations, investing, or family offices gather to discuss shifting power, building trust, and accelerating money with a gender, racial, and economic justice lens.    

When is the next in-person event?
We are planning an in-person event for 2024. Please contact for information. 

What partnerships are part of Women&Money?
We welcome contributions to underwrite the work of the initiative. Please make a gift designated to the Women&Money Fund on this platform at Amalgamated Foundation. What Will It Take Movements hosts the website on its platform and serves as a media partner. 

How did Women&Money begin?
Founded and fueled by Tuti Scott and produced by her firm Changemaker Strategies, the group gestated out of the energy created at a September 2019 in-person gathering in Texas. What Will It Take Movements, currently hosting the web content and supporting media efforts, was a presenting partner for the 2019 event, and several other organizations stepped in to make the 2019 event come to fruition.

How often does the Women&Money community meet?
The Women&Money community meets virtually every other month for 90 minutes with an average of 40-50 people in attendance. 

What happens at Women&Money virtual convenings?
Women&Money virtual events bring forward high quality speakers, facilitation, and thought leadership. During 90-minute virtual online sessions we offer attendees a blend of grounding and deep connection followed by a focus on moving ideas to action. People share updates on relevant trends/news/progress, share knowledge, and follow through on clear intentions in action breakout rooms. A distinct feature of the session includes “Accountability” and “Brave Heart” conversations where we explore values, equity, and allyship in social finance.  

What outcomes have emerged from the convenings?
Examples of the tangible outcomes from the networking at the 2019 event and beyond include; 

How can I ensure this work continues?
We are currently inviting funders to join and support this incredible effort. Please make a gift designated to the Women&Money Fund on this platform at Amalgamated Foundation.    

Questions or Funding Opportunities – Contact Tuti Scott ( for more information.


“Women & Money was a pivotal event in the movement toward a better financial system that works for, with and by women. Tuti et al have an unparalleled ability to create a safe and courageous space to build community and I am thrilled to be part of it!” -Ellen Remmer, Invest for Better

“This event and the powerhouse women who hosted and attended changed my life. I came into this event with no real intentions or agenda other than to learn. But I left with not only knowledge but real actionable ways to change the world simply by using/moving money.” -Christina Thompson, Mortgage Originator and Entrepreneur

“Women & Money convened an exceptional cross section of actors across so many dimensions of society. It was tremendously inspiring to be in a room with this group of individuals and to learn about some of the amazing work people are doing that we can leverage to ‘make money moves that matter’ immediately.” -Marjorie Winfrey, Wellington Management

“Women & Money was an energizing and uplifting event and affirms what we instinctually know: women can, and must, not only control our financial destiny but also align it with our values.” -Event Attendee

“The Women & Money gathering introduced me to a whole world of determined women in investing, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship who are focused on fundamentally changing the way money moves in the service of a more just and equitable world. I was moved, inspired and, most importantly, motivated to take my place in that movement.” -Event Attendee

“The Women & Money event was a fantastic way to build a community of women who are pushing the envelope around moving more money to people, organizations, businesses, and causes that are creating a more equitable and just society. I learned so much and was so inspired to be part of this gathering.” -Nell Edgington, President, Social Velocity