April 3 – 4, 2019



What will it take for all women (and everyone who cares about the well-being of women and other marginalized voices) to “get in the game” of money, giving, and investing?

What does it take for women to move their entire purse or wallet in alignment with their most cherished values?

We are convening bold, unapologetic leaders who want to move beyond information sharing in the gender lens investing space to put new knowledge and tools to good use. Together, we are sparking new conversations, listening to each other deeply, and getting to work so that women can activate their capital as impact investors and social justice givers.

If you are curious about investing with a gender lens and/or have questions about how this brings about social, political, and economic change, join us! If you already know which new money moves you want to make personally or in your organization, but want a stronger community of leaders and financial advisors to help guide your actions, join us!

We will be in Austin, Texas on April 3-4, 2019 to discuss all of this and more!


“This is more than a gathering of women. This is reconnecting with your tribe, or finding it for the first time. The energy, the inspiration and the connection available to us with this space is beyond what you could ever hope for from a traditional conference.”

Through Women & Money: Making Money Moves that Matter, we are engaging generous, humble, catalytic leaders in the fields of strategic philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, angel investing, and impact/gender lens investing to connect, learn from each other, and collaborate in new ways.

Come get new tools and explore coalitions that are forming to amplify women’s giving and investing. Our in-person time together will be followed by many opportunities to stay connected online as we work to move money and change systems with a gender justice, racial justice, and social impact lens.

Leaders in the following areas are invited to join us. Please fill out registration below.

  • Philanthropy
  • Members of Donor Communities
  • Women’s Funds
  • Angel Investing and Investor Networks
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Justice Organizations & Communities
  • Online portals for finance and advocacy
  • Consultants and Wealth Advisors
  • Investors

All attendees will be asked to participate with the intention of committing to ongoing work both individually and collectively. We are honoring leaders in this space and elevating new and more voices. Together, we are building momentum and accountability for gender lens investing, giving, and/or spending.

Advisory Board and Program Committee

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Tuti Scott

Imagine Philanthropy

Tracy Gray

We Are Enough
Advisory Team
suzanne biegel

Suzanne Biegel

Catalyst at Large

Kafi Blumenfield

Philanthropic Strategist
barbara dobkin

Barbara Dobkin

Jewish Women’s Funding Network
Donna Hall

Donna Hall

Women Donors Network
kristin hull

Kristin Hull

Nia Impact Capital

Cynthia Nimmo

Women’s Funding Network
andrea pactor

Andrea Pactor

Women’s Philanthropy Institute
Luismaria Carlile

Luisamaria Ruiz Carlile

Veris Wealth Partners

Ellen Remmer

The Philanthropic Initiative, Invest for Better Campaign

Kerry Rupp

True Wealth Ventures
Marianne Schnall

Marianne Schnall

What Will It Take Movements

Rachel Sheinbein

Makeda Capital
alex sloan

Alex Sloan



Format: One half day (2 pm – 9 pm) and one full day (9 am – 5 pm) gathering. We’ll enjoy engaging discussions and presentations, brief “state of the field” talks, and visual showcases of platforms and products. We are also explicitly inviting a participatory leadership approach, inviting you into interactive conversations and shared agenda creation.

Our ultimate goal for the gathering? Come up with a manifesto of ideas, activities, and commitments to guide our individual and collective future work. You’ll have the chance to stay connected through optional peer coaching groups on a variety of topics related to moving money with a gender lens.  

Date:  April 3 – 4, 2019  Austin, TX at Gather Venue in South Austin

Costs: Registration fees are based on sector and/or operating budget range ($650 non-profit, $750 individual, $850 for-profit). Underfunded leaders in need of support to be able to attend are encouraged to email mschnall@whatwillittake.com.

Sponsorship packages include website, digital content, and event exposure. 

For sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please contact What Will It Take founder Marianne Schnall.

All participants apply to attend as part of a pre-approval process. The following commitments inform the approval process:

  • The What Will it Take Movements: Women & Money agenda focuses on strengthening and supporting individuals and leaders across philanthropy and impact investing to more boldly and publicly move money with a gender lens.
  • What Will it Take Movements is committed to diverse communities across gender, race, and socio-economic status.

We anticipate receiving more applications than spots available.

About Women & Money Event Producer Tuti B. Scott

Tuti is a strategic philanthropy and investing consultant and coach to high-achieving leaders. A lifelong athlete, Tuti engaged thousands of supporters for the Women’s Money Foundation where she raised $70 million over 15 years to build women’s leaders via equal access to money. An inspiring author and speaker, “Coach Tuti” produces gatherings and retreats that embolden women and inspires leaders and teams to up their leadership voice and actions to create and fund change. Tuti serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Tides and was a founding board member of the Women Win Foundation. She is on the Advisory Board of What Will It Take Movements.

For more information about What Will it Take Movements as well as further resources and content click here.