Events and conferences are a labor of love. They take a lot of time, money, and effort to produce, which is why the right sponsorships and partnerships are so important. Self-organized, grassroots, women-led events aimed to move money to women and girls using a gender, racial, and economic justice lens are even harder.

We are grateful for the bold leaders, advisors, speakers, sponsors, and partners who have been so supportive of the upcoming “Women & Money: Making Money Moves that Matter” event. And still, we are under-funded and under-resourced.

As funding from a significant partner recently fell through unexpectedly, we find ourselves in a position where our event is in need of additional funding. Women & Money is committed to making this event a success, and we are inviting additional support in order to ensure that we accomplish all of what we intend to manifest in September.

The irony of funding being pulled from a women-led event about money and gender justice is not lost on us. We realize that being under-valued, under-resourced, and under-funded happens to bold, system-changing women-led projects more often than not. We’ve felt this pattern in our own work and witnessed it with thousands of other movement builders and leaders seeking equity and justice. It’s not surprising to see that it is happening again, specifically around an event on women and money.

What we’re building in September in Austin is unique. We’re bringing together leaders of all genders in gender lens giving and investing alongside learners to get everyone moving their money to women and girls.

“The typical conference model is dying. Keynote speeches and workshop breakout sessions no longer cut it and have changed nothing. As a leader and learner in gender lens investing and champion of women, especially women of color, in tech and finance, I know we need gatherings like ‘Women and Money: Making Money Moves that Matter’ to bring people together to share ideas and tools and more importantly, move collectively to wiser action that will actually move the needle.

This event on gender lens giving, spending, and investing brings together some of the most bold voices of our time to move the dial for women and girls while inviting a diversity of opinions on how exactly we get there, NOW. I can’t wait.”

-Tracy Gray
Co-Facilitator, “Women and Money”
Founder, The 22 Fund

Check out the brilliant lineup of speakers and conversation starters we have joining us. Our goal is to turn knowledge into action because what we’re hearing from people is that they don’t only want more knowledge; they want actionable ideas and a greater sense of belonging and community.

We are seeking sponsors, partners, and donors who recognize the value of moving money to women and girls using a gender, racial, and economic justice lens and who will step up and deliver when it comes to supporting this important movement.

Specifically, we need sponsorship and funding to:

  • Cover the production and time/labor costs of organizing and hosting an event of this caliber and quality,
  • Capture the voices at the event via photography and video,
  • Fund the work of writing and designing graphic pieces that summarize and share knowledge from the event and its many contributors, and
  • Ensure that attendees feel welcome and nourished.

Don’t forget: September’s gathering is just the beginning of an ongoing What Will It Take Women & Money Initiative that will build on the knowledge shared and commitments made in Austin — including a manifesto of actions, a library of resources gathered from the attendees and speakers, coalitions with other organizations and initiatives, future events, and a robust digital platform to bring the message, education, and tools to a larger audience and create lasting change.

If you or anyone you know would want to support what we are building with Women & Money, please contact us. We would be grateful for any recommendations/referrals or introductions you can offer.

Who should we be speaking with to make sure this event is supported and resourced well?

Thank you for all you do to contribute to this movement!

With gratitude,

Tuti B. Scott, Founder & President, Changemaker Strategies
Marianne Schnall, Founder, What Will It Take Movements

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