Journalist, author, and founder of What Will It Take Movements Marianne Schnall has been in conversation with some of the most iconic  influencers in our culture today. The ShiftMakers Podcast will bring us on an epic journey that highlights the exclusive insights of various celebrities, luminaries, and movement makers as they share wisdom on how to be an authentic changemaker today. Ultimately, we uncover what it will take to make a positive difference in the world.

Episode 9

Dr. Jane Goodall – ‘We’ve Got To Get Together And Take Action Now’

World-renowned ethologist, environmentalist and trailblazer Dr. Jane Goodall reflects on 60 years of groundbreaking research, as well as her ongoing work, and shares her wisdom and insights on the pandemic, the planet, women’s progress, her legacy, and much more.

Episode 8

Kimberlé Crenshaw – Rising Against Racism

Renowned social justice advocate Kimberlé Crenshaw shares her insights on systemic racism and turning this moment of reckoning into transformative change, how to apply intersectional principles to the issues we currently face, the importance of supporting Black female leadership, building an equitable world and more.


Episode 7

Melinda Gates – How Revolutionizing Our Caregiving System Is ‘The Key To Reopening The Economy’

“Our economy is built on the back of women’s caregiving,” says Melinda Gates as she discusses how the pandemic has hastened the urgency of creating more equitable caregiving systems, what she sees as the solutions we need to implement, and how addressing this issue of caregiving is connected to her overarching goal of achieving gender equality in the US and around the world.

Episode 6

President Jimmy Carter – A Champion for Women’s Equality

Join us for a moving conversation with activist, author, and 39th President of the U.S. Jimmy Carter who shares eye-opening insights and calls to action on what he feels is “the most serious and unaddressed challenge of our time”: the discrimination and abuse of women and girls worldwide.


Episode 5

Oprah Winfrey – Oprah and the Elements of an Iconic Leader 

There are few iconic leaders in our modern culture that compare to Oprah Winfrey. In this episode of What Will It Take, we highlight elements of a conversation between Oprah and our host Marianne Schnall that reveal the practices and principles that make up a powerful and sustaining leader. Join us for insights and disciplines that could benefit us all and usher in change for a brighter tomorrow.


Episode 4

Gloria Steinem – Conversation with Legendary Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem

Join our host Marianne Schnall as she talks with feminist icon Gloria Steinem. In this candid and often surprising conversation, Steinem shares her thoughts and wisdom on a variety of topics that are more timely now than ever, and encourages listeners to keep pushing for progress because as she points out, change is not “automatic”— it requires us all to take action. Gloria has deeply impacted the life of our host and we are so honored to bring this conversation to you with a truly legendary woman. 


Episode 3

Dr. Maya Angelou – Timeless Wisdom from a Literary Legend

Legendary poet, writer, and performer Dr. Maya Angelou passed away in 2014, yet her timeless wisdom, life philosophies, and messages of love, peace, courage, empowerment, and tolerance continue to inspire us as we present this powerful conversation with Dr. Angelou and author/journalist Marianne Schnall.



Episode 2

Jane Fonda – Powerful Insights from the Iconic Actress and Activist

Both Jane Fonda and our host Marianne Schnall have a ceaseless passion for gender equality in our culture, our politics, and in the media. Join us in this inspiring discussion with the iconic Jane Fonda as she shares her wisdom and life lessons on gender equity, activism, empathy, self-care, and why you should never, ever give up.



Episode 1

Nancy Pelosi – Know Your Power

Shortly before the 2018 midterm election in which we witnessed historic wins for women and diversity in politics, author and journalist Marianne Schnall had the opportunity to sit down with twice-elected Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Join us for a powerful, in-depth discussion where Pelosi shares her personal insights about her experiences as the first female Speaker, why she feels it’s so essential to have more women leaders in politics and society, and her advice on creating change.




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