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There Were 3,800 Anti-Asian Racist Incidents, Mostly Against Women, in Past Year March 16, 2021 (by Kimmy Yam – NBC News)
“There is an intersectional dynamic going on that others may perceive both Asians and women and Asian women as easier targets,” one professor said.

CDC Study Shows Gender, Racial Gaps in COVID Cases Among Young People March 10, 2021 (by Shefali Luthra – The 19th*)
Even as racial gaps in COVID-19 cases have narrowed, young people of color have been consistently more likely than young White people to test positive for the virus in the past year. Per the CDC, women of color between ages 15 and 24 were most likely to contract the virus.

How Latino Voters Made Electoral History in 2020 January 21, 2021 (Latino Rebels)
Earlier this week, a data report by the UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative (LPPI) estimated that a historic 16.6 million U.S. Latinos voted in the 2020 election, a 30.9% increase from 2016.

White Supremacists Who Stormed US Capitol Are Only the Most Visible Product of Racism January 15, 2021 (by Ursula Moffitt – The Conversation)
Extremist groups like the Proud Boys get white supremacy into headlines. But all white people benefit from white supremacy, whether they know it or not.

Black Georgia Voters’ High Turnout Helped Solidify a Historic Win, Organizers Say January 6, 2021 (by Nicquel Terry Ellis and Nicole Chavez – CNN)
Black Georgia voters showed up in droves for the state’s pair of US Senate runoffs and voting rights groups say the high turnout plus aggressive organizing efforts helped solidify a historic win.

Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, Activists Against Racial Injustice December 3, 2020 (by Rebecca Greenfield – Bloomberg)
As many as 26 million people participated in Black Lives Matter protests in the weeks after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May, making it one of the largest movements in U.S. history.

Shifting the Power Paradigm: Centering Community to Build a Healthy, Equitable, and Just Future November 30, 2020 (by Dana Sherrod and Marley Williams – CNET)
Racism undergirds the inequities we see in nearly every major measure of health status we have. But there are immediate steps we can take toward equality.

Op-ed: What Kamala Harris as Vice President Means for My Daughter November 9, 2020 (by Sharon Epperson – Forbes)
The election of Sen. Kamala Harris as vice president of the United States means my daughter sees her future. Children, teens, young people, people of all ages can see that they have the possibility and a path to reach one of the highest levels of leadership in this country and change the world.

Black, Latino, Asian and Native Americans Flock to Polls Amid Deadly, Difficult Year for Brown and Black People November 3, 2020 (by Marco della Cava, Rick Jervis, Deborah Barfield Berry, Alan Gomez, and Trevor Hughes – USA Today)
How people of color vote this election could decide the next president. The turnout among Black, Latino voters could impact Trump-Biden race results.

Black Women Were Among the Fastest-Growing Entrepreneurs—then COVID Arrived October 26, 2020 (by Ruth Umoh – Forbes)
The pandemic threatens to wipe out decades of progress for Black female entrepreneurs.

‘Still Killing Us’: The Federal Government Underfunded Health Care for Indigenous People for Centuries. Now They’re Dying of COVID-19 October 26, 2020 (by Dennis Wagner and Wyatte Grantham-Philips – USA Today)
Melvina Musket stared at her dying father through the cellphone screen. His mouth hung open, his eyes were clamped shut and a beard covered his chin. She heard nurses crying in the background. “Jesus is waiting for you,” she told him.

Trump’s Calls to Intimidate Voters May Already Be Paying Off October 21, 2020 (by Eric Lutz – Vanity Fair)
Donald Trump has been increasingly explicit in encouraging voter intimidation, suggesting in August that law enforcement should be enlisted to guard polls and later calling in a debate last month for his supporters to “go into the polls and watch very carefully.”

COVID-19 Recovery: Initiative Aims to Equitably Rebuild Chicago October 20, 2020 (by Marissa Nelson – WTTW)
The coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately affected Black and Brown residents not just in Chicago, but across the country. Earlier this month, The Chicago Community Trust, along with the mayor’s office, businesses and philanthropies, launched Together We Rise — an initiative that aims to center equity in the recovery process by investing in Black and Latino neighborhoods.

Bay Area Family’s Battle with COVID-19 Shows Why Illness Is Spreading Faster Among Latinos October 19, 2020 (by Rachel Swan – San Francisco Chronicle)
Paulina Barajas was the first in her family to get sick, with a sore throat that seemed to spread outward, numbing her sense of smell and taste. Stress was already mounting for the Concord mother of five before she fell ill on Sept. 18, after spending the spring and summer mostly cloistered in her family’s three-bedroom townhouse.

Filipinos Make Up 4% of Nurses in the US, But 31.5% of Nurse Deaths from COVID-19 September 29, 2020 (by Allana Akhtar – Business Insider)
Nurses of Filipino descent comprise just 4% of the workforce, but nearly a third of registered nurse deaths due to COVID-19. National Nurses United, the country’s largest nurse union, released a report Monday detailing COVID-19 deaths among nurses and other healthcare workers.

Migrants Stranded in Mexico Have 1 Year to File for Asylum. COVID-19 Is Making That Deadline Nearly Impossible September 25, 2020 (by Jasmine Aguilera – TIME)
Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S., Charlene D’Cruz and a group of other volunteer immigration attorneys traveled several days a week across the U.S. Southern border from Brownsville, Texas, to the Mexican city of Matamoros to give advice to some of the thousands of asylum seekers desperately attempting to enter the U.S.

Editorial: Trump Wants to Invade Your Privacy in the Name of Immigration Enforcement September 23, 2020 (The LA Times Editorial Board)
You might think that the massive collection of biometric data from legal immigrants seeking or holding green cards, as well as from some of their U.S. citizen sponsors, would be a bridge too far even for the Trump administration. But when it comes to intrusive immigration policy, no bridge is too far for this crew.

It’s Not Just Hysterectomies: The U.S. Has A Long, Shameful History Of Forced Sterilizations September 18, 2020 (Britni de la Cretaz )
As news broke this week that ICE was performing hysterectomies on non-consenting detainees in Georgia, countless people expressed shock and anger at the news, which was brought to light by whistleblower Dawn Wooten, who had been a nurse at the detention center.

Black Nurse Speaks Out After Being Identified as ICE Whistleblower September 16, 2020 (Biba Adams )
Dawn Wooten, who was a licensed practical nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center, has prompted calls for a federal investigation into her claims that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center where she worked was performing mass hysterectomies.

Reports of ICE’s Forced Hysterectomies Are Nothing New in America September 15, 2020 (Angelina Chapin )
On Monday news spread that women in a Georgia ICE detention center are being coerced into hysterectomies, according to a whistleblower and former nurse at the facility.

‘A Silent Pandemic’: Nurse at ICE Facility Blows the Whistle on Coronavirus Dangers September 14, 2020 (José Olivares, John Washington )
A nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia is speaking out about a host of dangerous medical practices at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Hispanic, Black children at Higher Risk of Coronavirus-Related Hospitalization, CDC Says August 8, 2020 (by Mike Stobbe – USA Today)
Racial disparities in the U.S. coronavirus epidemic extend to children, according to two sobering government reports released Friday.

6 Ways States’ Response to COVID-19 Centers Gender and Racial Justice August 4, 2020 (by Emma Singh – National Women’s Law Center)
Emma Singh found a beacon of hope in state lawmakers who are centering equity in their policy responses as they recognize how women of color bear the brunt of this crisis. 

Women of Color Hardest Hit by Pandemic Joblessness July 30, 2020 (by Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani – NBC News)
“I never imagined that at 22 years old I’d be laid off, applying for unemployment…Where do I go from here?”

How California’s COVID-19 Surge Widens Health Inequalities for Black, Latino and Low-Income Residents July 30, 2020 (by Andrea N. Polonijo – The Conversation)
While everyone is at risk, low-income, Black and Latino Californians are dying at higher rates than high-income and non-Latino whites – and analyses suggest these gaps are widening.

How COVID-19 Could Destroy Indigenous Communities July 29, 2020 (by Terri Hansen – BBC)
Indigenous peoples tend to be at higher risk from emerging infectious diseases. COVID-19 is no exception–and some experts say it could destroy whole nations and communities.

An ‘Eviction Apocalypse’ Is Coming, Experts Warn. Black Women Will Bear the Brunt. July 20, 2020 (by Abigail Higgins – The Lily)
In the midst of record-high unemployment rates and a rising death count, experts predict a widespread housing crisis, and people of color will be the hardest hit.

With the U.S on the Verge of a Housing Crisis, Black Women Face the Greatest Risk July 16, 2020 (by Jenna Ashendouek  – Ms. Magazine)
In the midst of record-high unemployment rates and a rising death count, experts predict a widespread housing crisis, and people of color will be the hardest hit.

COVID-19 Impact Linked to Environmental Racism July 16, 2020 (by Susan Buttenwieser  – Women’s Media Center)
Evidence is indisputable that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color, and one important, often overlooked cause is longstanding environmental policies that result in people of color being hardest hit by environmental problems.

Black and Brown People Make Up Two-thirds of US Coronavirus Deaths Below Age 65, a New Study Found July 11, 2020 (by Aria Bendix – Business Insider)
The results highlight racial disparities in the healthcare system that are causing communities of color to get hit harder in the pandemic.

Housing Segregation Left Black Americans More Vulnerable to COVID-19 July 10, 2020 (by Dylan Scott – Vox)
Racist WWII housing policy might not sound like it has much to do with the coronavirus. But it does.

The Gendered Racial Inequities of COVID-19 June 18, 2020 (by Elizabeth Black – Data 2x)
In data collection, analysis, and use, it’s common practice to classify women and girls as one homogenous group. But it’s become increasingly clear that doing so fails to capture the diverse array of challenges women and girls face globally.

Systemic Racism Makes COVID-19 Much More Deadly For African-Americans June 18, 2020 (by Christian Weller – Forbes)
A long and well-documented history of systematic discrimination against Black people regularly leads to worse underlying health conditions for African-Americans that make it more likely they become severely ill during this pandemic and die from the disease.

$20: George Floyd, Harriet Tubman and the Value of Black Lives June 16, 2020 (by Janell Hobson – Ms. Magazine)
Which is the real counterfeit here? George Floyd’s $20, Harriet Tubman’s $20 redesign or a country that pretends there is “liberty and justice for all”?

The Black Lives Matter Movement Must Include Trans People June 16, 2020 (by Devin-Norelle – Teen Vogue)
In this op-ed, model, advocate, and writer Devin-Norelle explains why the Black Lives Matter movement must include transgender people.

Why Are Black Women and Girls Still an Afterthought in Our Outrage Over Police Violence? June 4, 2020 (by Brittney Cooper – TIME)
We keep missing the intersection of race and gender when it comes to Black women.

8 Journalists on Reporting While Black, With the Weight of History on Their Shoulders June 3, 2020 (Glamour)
“Black women have been telling the truth about America for a long time. As a Black woman in journalism, my obligation is no less than that.”

Black Female Mayors Take the Spotlight Amid Protests and Pandemic June 2, 2020 (by Associated Press – Los Angeles Times)
As protests sweep the nation, the spotlight has shone on black female mayors like Atlanta’s Keisha Lance Bottoms and San Francisco’s London Breed.

These Videos Show the Police Aren’t Neutral. They’re Counterprotesters. June 2, 2020 (by  and  – Vox)
Some law enforcement officers are treating America like a battlefield.

Becoming a Parent in the Age of Black Lives Matter June 1, 2020 (by Clint Smith – The Atlantic)
When the movement for black lives began, I did not have children. Now the fight means more to me—coupled with fears that are even deeper.

50 WOC-Led Organizations in the U.S. that We Should Support May 31, 2020 (by Radha Friedman – Medium)
Nonprofits are still 80% white led. Even fewer have women of color in leadership. To help with the antiracism work we all need to do, here is a list of 50 organizations led by women of color in the U.S. to support.

The Unbearable Grief of Black Mothers May 28, 2020 (by  – Vox)
Between COVID-19 and police brutality, the burden of grief is yet another risk to Black mothers’ health.

Why Are the Protestors Being Framed as the Problem? White Supremacy. May 28, 2020 (by Britni de la Cretaz – Refinery 29)
Now, as is too often the case, the media is framing protestors as the problem: Their behavior in combating injustice is now unacceptable, and the narrative around our oppressive system is being rewritten right in front of us.

Asian Americans Are Rallying Together Against Coronavirus-Related Hate Crimes May 19, 2020 (by Lakshmi Gandhi – SuperMajority)
Asian American celebrities, community groups, and nonprofits are responding to a recent spike in verbal harassment and violence committed against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community connected to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Hispanic Leaders Warn Census Could Undercount Minority Communities Amid Pandemic May 14, 2020 (by Rafael Bernal – The Hill)
Hispanic communities are lagging behind in 2020 census response rates, raising fears of low participation that could limit the reach of federal programs in those areas for the next decade.

Trump Accused of Racism after Clash with Asian American Reporter May 12, 2020 (by Adam Gabbatt and David Smith – The Guardian)
President appears to continue confrontation on Twitter seemingly in response to incident involving CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang.

A Woman Died of COVID-19 in a New Jersey Prison After Begging to Be Let Out of a Locked Shower May 11, 2020 (by Alice Speri – The Intercept)
Tiffany Mofield’s death highlights prison officials’ indifference to the health of incarcerated people in a state where 37 have died of COVID-19.

How This Writer Is Using Her Platform To Help Navajo People During COVID-19 May 9, 2020 (by Elly Belle – Refinery 29)
Indigenous people have been extremely negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with food shortages hitting harder in their communities than many other places, and nearly 3,000 people testing positive for COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation specifically.

Over 30 Percent of Americans Have Witnessed COVID-19 Bias Against Asians, Poll Says April 28, 2020 (by Alex Ellerbeck – NBC News)
The surge in anti-Asian bias may reflect a growing tendency to blame certain groups for the pandemic, the polling organization says.

National Latino, Immigration Groups Say Trump Left Latinos Out of Coronavirus Aid, Ask Congress for More Help April 27, 2020 (by Adrian Carrasquillo – Newsweek)
National Latino and immigration groups released a letter that criticized President Donald Trump for his coronavirus response that they say disproportionately affects communities of color and immigrants, and urged Congress to pass the CARES Act 2.

Help Is Available for Undocumented Immigrants in Indiana. Here’s a List of Resources. April 25, 2020 (by Natalia E. Contreras – IndyStar)
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several Indianapolis-based non-profit organizations, community centers and activists groups are working with the Immigrant Welcome Center to provide resources for undocumented immigrants who have been affected.

Native Americans Being Left Out of US Coronavirus Data and Labelled as ‘Other’ April 24, 2020 (by Rebecca Nagle – The Guardian)
Misclassification raises fears of hidden health emergencies in one of the country’s most vulnerable populations.

Rep. Deb Haaland: Indigenous Communities Have Been Denied ‘the Fundamental Needs to Live’ April 19, 2020 (by Ali Velshi – MSNBC)
Democratic Rep. Deb Haaland of New Mexico, one of only two Native American women in Congress, explains the disproportionate rates of coronavirus infection among the Navajo and other tribes.

Why COVID-19 Is Hitting Black Women So Hard April 17, 2020 (by Treva Lindsey – Women’s Media Center)
Black women are uniquely situated within overlapping systems of oppression to sustain disproportionate losses of both life and livelihood during this pandemic.

California to Give Cash Payments to Immigrants Hurt by the Coronavirus April 15, 2020 (by Adam Beam – TIME)
California will be the first state to give cash payments to immigrants living in the country illegally who are hurt by the coronavirus, offering $500 apiece to 150,000 adults who were left out of the $2.2 trillion stimulus package approved by Congress.

Covid-19 Has Inflamed Racism Against Asian-Americans. Here’s How to Fight Back. April 11, 2020 (by Emily Liu – CNN)
While most Americans are struggling amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Asian Americans are doing it while also fearing for our safety, says Emily Liu. She offers practical advice on how to curb the toxic effects of coronavirus-related racism.

Being a Person of Color Isn’t a Risk Factor for Coronavirus. Living in a Racist Country Is April 10, 2020 (by Renée Graham – The Boston Globe)
High COVID-19 deaths in communities of color are shocking, but not surprising

Black Women Have Long Faced Racism in Healthcare. COVID-19 Is Only Amplifying Them.  April 10, 2020 (by Erin Clare Brown – The Appeal)
A Brooklyn teacher tried three times to get treatment for the coronavirus. Now she’s fighting for her life.

Coronavirus Is Disproportionately Killing the Black Community. Here’s What Experts Say Can Be Done About It April 9, 2020 (by Elizabeth Thomas and Dr. Nancy A. Anoruo – ABC News)
Numbers broken down by race have shocked the nation.

Taraji P Henson Creates Free ‘Virtual Therapy’ Service for Coronavirus-hit African Americans April 9, 2020 (by Andrew Pulver – The Guardian)
Empire and Hidden Figures star’s virtual service aimed at African Americans, who are suffering disproportionately from Covid-19.

Structural Racism Is Exacerbating the Coronavirus Pandemic for Black People—Especially Black Women April 9, 2020 (by Kendra Bozarth and  – Ms. Magazine)
It is not merely an accident or coincidence that Black people appear to be more likely to contract or succumb to COVID-19; it is the result of policy choices that have led to widespread racial inequality and poorer health and economic outcomes for Black people.

Data from US South Shows African Americans Hit Hardest by COVID-19 April 8, 2020 (by Lauren Zanolli – The Guardian)
The coronavirus is disproportionately infecting and killing African Americans across much of the south, a region where black Americans are more likely to live in poverty.

Asian Americans Report Influx of Racist Attacks Since Coronavirus Pandemic, Data Finds April 7, 2020 (by Layla Abbas)
An advocacy group said it has collected more than 1,100 reports recently of disturbing incidents of hate directed primarily at Asian Americans since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus May Be Hitting Harder in Black and Latino Communities April 7, 2020 (by Andrew Ryan and Kay Lazar – The Boston Globe)
As a virus, COVID-19 does not discriminate, but a patchwork of data appears to show the pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on communities of color, several of which are reporting infection rates that outpace their population.

The Coronavirus Is Killing Black Americans in Alarming Numbers April 7, 2020 (by Jameelah Nasheed – Teen Vogue)
This op-ed argues that we need to talk about race when we talk about this pandemic.

Coronavirus Is Newest Threat to Latinos’ Census Response, as Groups Pivot on Outreach March 30, 2020 (by Suzanne Gamboa – NBC News)
In Texas, Latino-heavy neighborhoods are scrambling to ensure an accurate count as the pandemic prevents previously planned community outreach efforts.

Latinos Projected to Bear Economic Brunt of Coronavirus March 24, 2020 (by J. Edward Moreno – The Hill)
Latinos are projected to be disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic as governments impose shutdowns on non-essential businesses and healthcare resources run scarce.

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