What Will It Take To #RepresentHer is a new campaign that advocates for equal representation of women in politics, business, and entertainment—and encourages people to use their voices, votes, and consumer power to create that change. What Will It Take To #RepresentHer was created in partnership between The Representation Project, What Will It Take Movements, and the production company Not A Billionaire. 



Visit the website for more information and ways you can take action! 


“This campaign advocates for the equal representation of women in leadership—not just in politics, but in business and entertainment, too. It’s critical that women have seats at the tables of power. Without women and diversity in leadership, we cannot make needed progress in this country, correct the inequities and injustices of the past, and build a sustainable future that uplifts everyone.”

—Jennifer Siebel Newsom—
Founder and CEO of The Representation Project


“Gender equality is not a women’s issue, it is a human issue. This campaign is a call to action for women to use their voices and exert their important influence as leaders, as voters, and as engaged citizens. We all benefit from more equal and diverse leadership.”

—Marianne Schnall—
Founder and CEO of What Will It Take Movements