The following quotes are excerpts from Marianne Schnall’s interviews, many of which appear in her books What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? and Daring to Be Ourselves.



“The power that we need is in our hands—if we can have the wisdom to see it and the courage to use it. The world is looking at women now and saying, ‘This is your moment.’ It’s the power of possibility. It’s the power of making good things happen. Making the world better for my family, my kids, my community, my world. That’s how women can really make a difference. If we shift how we’re thinking about power from that old-fashioned, hierarchical, traditional power over to the expansive, innovative, infinite power to, it just changes everything.”

— Gloria Feldt • Author, Founder of Take the Lead —


“If you want to be successful, if you want to experience real, true happiness and a true sense of reward, you’ll find that in trying to be of service to others. If you see a problem, be a part of the solution. Don’t stay on the sidelines and complain—take action.”

— Tulsi Gabbard  U.S. Representative, Hawaii 


“Change is like a house: you can’t build it from the top down, only from the bottom up. Whatever small change we make will be like a pebble in a pond. It will reverberate outward and it will also be fun. We’re meant to be active and contribute to the world. What’s the alternative? Just sitting there and wondering, ‘Oh, if I had just done this, maybe.…’ I’ve learned one thing: no matter how hard it is to do it, it’s harder not to do it. Then you’re stuck with wondering, ‘What if I had said…? What if I had done…?’”

— Gloria Steinem  Writer, Political Activist, Feminist Icon 


“Take the tools and the skills and the resources of every kind that you have, and go out, find something that you know is not fair, is not just, and begin to change it. In whatever way you know, in whatever way is appropriate for you, but don’t ignore it. Don’t think it’s somebody else’s job to change it. Confront it in your own way, and make it your job to make change.”

— Anita Hill  Attorney, University Professor