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Disaster Patriarchy: How the Pandemic Has Unleashed a War on Women June 1, 2021 (by V, formerly Eve Ensler – The Guardian)
As Covid-19 has swept the world there has been an explosion of violence against women, and a full-blown assault on their rights. It’s time to fight back against a system that allows women to be sacrificed, erased and violated.

A Year into the Pandemic, LGBTQ+ Life and Death Remains Largely Invisible March 12, 2021 (by Kate Sosin – The 19th*)
LGBTQ+ people face myriad health disparities that put them at higher risk for complications from the virus. So why don’t we know how COVID has affected them?

The Pandemic Has Given Women a New Kind of Rage March 10, 2021 (by Helen Lewis – The Atlantic)
As Gloria Steinem said, “The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”

In a Heartwarming Sign, Joe Biden Began His Presidency by Upsetting TERFs January 21, 2021 (by Esther Wang – The Jezebel)
In a sign that Biden is doing something right, one of the executive orders he issued has pissed off a cohort of  TERFs and other supposed feminists who have made it their mission in life in recent years to loudly fight the expansion of trans rights.

The Biden-Harris White House Plans to “Restore America as a Champion for Women and Girls”  January 19, 2021 (by Jenny Singer – Glamour)
All the details on the incoming administration’s new and groundbreaking White House Gender Policy Council.

COVID Pandemic Disproportionately Hurting Women, UN Warns November 26, 2020 (by Amy Cassidy, Sharon Braithwaite and Sarah Diab – CNN)
A United Nations report found that, while both women and men have taken on extra unpaid domestic work throughout the pandemic, women face a greater burden of care.

How the Coronavirus Risks Exacerbating Women’s Political Exclusion November 17, 2020 (by Saskia Brechenmacher and Caroline Hubbard – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
Women participating in politics have navigated unique challenges and opportunities from the coronavirus pandemic. Governments around the world should take these steps to safeguard women’s political inclusion during the pandemic and beyond.

Joe Biden Won. But Don’t Throw Away Your Protest Signs Just Yet. November 9, 2020 (by Brea Baker – ELLE)
Voting Biden and Harris in was harm reduction; it doesn’t mean we can fall asleep at the wheel. We have to be loud about what we want the first 100 days of this 46th presidential administration to look like, setting the tone for the next four years.

UN Warns of Global Food Crisis — Women Especially Impacted October 20, 2020 (by Leila Hawkins  – Women’s Media Center)
Globally, lockdowns and travel restrictions due to the pandemic have greatly disrupted food supply chains, whether it’s farmers in India or workers in U.S. meat plants unable to work due to the virus. And during times of famine, women are much more likely to go hungry.

What the Pandemic Looks Like for Girls Around the World October 10, 2020 (by Faza – Evoke)
For many girls around the world, the prospect of college, or of any form of schooling, was already unlikely, and now, thanks to the pandemic, education is even more out of reach. This piece is a glimpse of how the pandemic is impacting other girls’ lives and learning around the globe.

“The woman in Michigan”: How Gretchen Whitmer Became a Target of Right-Wing Hate October 9, 2020 (by Anna North – Vox)
Earlier this year, a man named Adam Fox recorded a video in which he called Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer a “tyrant bitch” for closing the state’s gyms. Now, he and five other men known as the “Wolverine Watchmen” have been arrested on conspiracy charges, accused of plotting to kidnap the governor in retribution for her actions to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Women Do Better at Mask Wearing and Other Measures to Stop Spread of Covid-19, Research Suggests October 8, 2020 (by Katie Hunt – CNN Health)
Wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands regularly are the best ways we have to stop the spread of Covid-19. But when it comes to these crucial habits, it appears that women are more likely to be following these steps to a greater degree than men, according to a new study.

The Pandemic is Political — And Women Are Angry at the President October 6, 2020 (by Errin Haines – the 19th*)
For months, women across the country have been navigating careers, caregiving and the coronavirus crisis, taking precautions and figuring out a new normal for themselves and their families.

Women Worldwide Are Nearly 3 Times More Likely than Men to Report Mental Health Impact from COVID-19 September 23, 2020 (by Soo Youn – The Lily)
A new study surveyed more than 6,200 women and 4,000 men in 38 countries.

Don’t Let the Pandemic Set Back Gender Equality September 16, 2020 (by Deepa Mahajan, Olivia White, Anu Madgavkar, and Mekala Krishnan – Harvard Business Review)
Progress towards greater gender equality has been hesitant and halting over the past five years and the Covid-19 pandemic now risks sending it into reverse. Our analysis shows that women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to this crisis than men’s jobs: Women make up 39% of global employment but account for 54% of overall job losses as of May 2020.

The COVID Economy Means Millions of Americans Are at Risk of Food Insecurity August 18, 2020 (by Shefali Luthra – The 19th*)
Americans are struggling to consistently get enough nutrition. Cisgender women and transgender people — both of whom have suffered disproportionately in the COVID recession — are at the greatest risk.

How the Pandemic Is Affecting Senior Women August 10, 2020 (by Mariel Padilla – The 19th*)
Older women tend to live longer and live alone. For some, a pandemic that encourages sheltering in place leaves them feeling “entrapped” and “like a hermit.”

6 Ways States’ Response to COVID-19 Centers Gender and Racial Justice August 4, 2020 (by Emma Singh – National Women’s Law Center)
Emma Singh found a beacon of hope in state lawmakers who are centering equity in their policy responses as they recognize how women of color bear the brunt of this crisis.  

What It’s Like to Vote As a Woman Around the World August 3, 2020 (by  Meredith Balkus – Vice)
Women have the right to vote in the vast majority of countries, but de facto issues across the globe—like lack of access to childcare or safe transportation, or the sense that their vote doesn’t matter—still stand in their way.

The Pandemic Isn’t Forcing Moms Out of the Workforce — Dads Are July 30, 2020 (by Jessica Valenti – GEN)
Let’s be crystal clear about why working mothers are suffering.

During the Pandemic, Men Are More Involved Fathers. Will It Last? July 30, 2020 (by Caryl Rivers, Rosalind C. Barnett, Ph.D. – Women’s Media Center)
Are men becoming more involved fathers as the COVID-19 pandemic upends our economy and greatly increases the number of parents working at home? The answer is a qualified Yes.

These Women’s Coronavirus Symptoms Never Went Away. Their Doctors’ Willingness to Help Did. July 28, 2020 (by Elizabeth Chuck – NBC News)
“‘Gaslighting’ is the word I’ve been using repeatedly,” one COVID-19 survivor said. “I’m so ill and some people are telling me this is a figment of my imagination.”

Can We Get Ahead of the Next COVID-19 Crisis for Working Moms? July 23, 2020 (by Randi Braun – Thrive Global)
It’s time we make the changes necessary to prevent long-term burnout and exhaustion for working moms.

Feminist and Under Lockdown July 16, 2020 (by Jessica Valenti – GEN)
Most American women identify as feminists — but what does it matter if we’re all stuck at home?

The Pandemic’s Toll on Women July 15, 2020 (by Melinda Gates – Foreign Affairs)
COVID-19 is gender-blind, but not gender-neutral.

How the Pandemic Is Negatively Impacting Women More Than Men, and What Has to Change July 13, 2020 (by Kathy Caprino – Forbes)
Interview with Lori Sokol, PhD, the Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of Women’s eNews, about how the pandemic is particularly impacting women and girls.

Italy’s Problem with Working Women Made Worse by Coronavirus July 5, 2020 (by Greta Privitera – Politico)
The shrinking female workforce is dealt another blow in the pandemic.

COVID-19 Used as Smokescreen to Undermine Gender Rights Globally June 23, 2020 (by Aarti Narsee – Women’s Media Center)
During the pandemic, governments have been curtailing rights—but activists are fighting back.

How Female Scientists Are Losing Out During the Pandemic and Why It Matters June 18, 2020 (by Katie Hunt – CNN)
Research has suggested female scientists are publishing less than their male counterparts, and that matters for fighting coronavirus and other diseases. Extra duties at home during the pandemic could be one reason why.

Women Journalists Are the Most Credible Voices on COVID-19 June 15, 2020 (by Phillip Meylan and Lucina Di Meco – The Factual)
At a time when getting credible news has rarely had more of a direct potential impact on our health and well-being, what does the under-representation of women journalists mean for the public at large?

Emerging from This Pandemic Stronger Means Investing in Girls Now June 1, 2020 (Reshma Saujani – Fast Company)
The founder and CEO of Girls Who Code explains how COVID-19 is exacerbating inequality—and how we can make sure we don’t lose momentum on inclusion efforts.

Coronavirus Pandemic Forces Millions of Working Women into “Impossible” Roles May 28, 2020 (Kelsey Micklas – CBS)
Dr. Nicole Mason, President of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research says COVID has forced many women to choose between going back to work and staying home to care for their families.

Coronavirus Is Killing More Men. But the Lockdown Is Disastrous for Women and Their Rights May 24, 2020 (Ivana Kottasová – CNN)
The novel coronavirus seems to be more deadly for men. But in many other ways, women are bearing the brunt of this pandemic.

Women in Science Are Battling Both COVID-19 and the Patriarchy May 15, 2020 (Times Higher Education)
The pandemic has worsened longstanding sexist and racist inequalities in science pushing many of us to say ‘I’m done,’ write 35 female scientists.

Latin America Women, Minorities ‘to Suffer Most’ by COVID-19 May 12, 2020 (Aljazeera)
Report says pandemic will make economic situation worse for women, Indigenous, individuals of African descent, migrants.

Dateci Voce: Italian Women Demand Voice in COVID-19 Fight May 8, 2020 (BBC News)
Women in Italy have demanded a greater role in the country’s official response to the coronavirus outbreak.

A Second Covid Crisis Is Coming April 24, 2020 (by David Miliband and Sheryl Sandberg – Politico)
If we don’t act now, women and girls will be suffering from the pandemic’s fallout for decades to come.

The Coronavirus Is Not Gender-Blind, Nor Should We Be April 20, 2020 (by Caren Grown and Carolina Sanchez-Paramo – World Bank)
Previous epidemics, such as HIV-AIDS, SARS, H1N1, and Ebola, have shown that the most vulnerable–be they countries, communities, households or individuals–often bear the heaviest burden. We want to bring attention to one such group: women and girls.

Coronavirus Could Hurt Women the Most. Here’s How to Prevent a Patriarchal Pandemic. April 20, 2020 (by Soraya Chemaly – NBC News)
Because women do the bulk of unpaid domestic and care work, they are also particularly hard hit by public health crises and pandemics. And this one is no different.

Why Do More Men Die from Coronavirus than Women? April 20, 2020 (by Jenny Graves – The Conversation)
A look at why many more men than women all over the world–in China, Italy, the United States and Australia–are dying from COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Gender: What Do We Know; What Do We Need to Know? April 13, 2020 (by Laura Turquet and Sandrine Koissy-Kpein  UN Women)
Even as new data and evidence is being gathered, clues about the differential impact for women and men are already clear from existing gender research, as well as through lessons from previous crises. Together, these provide a guide to what evidence needs to be collected now, and they demonstrate that a one-size-fits-all response will not suffice.

Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights Barriers to Health Care for Transgender Community April 10, 2020 (by Li Cohen –  CBS News)
The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life for billions of people, forcing the world to deal with a sudden loss of jobs, security, and regular health care. But for those who identify as transgender, these barriers have existed for years, and advocates fear the pandemic may only make them worse.

COVID-19 Could Set Women Back Decades on Gender Equality April 6, 2020 (by Alison Holder –  U.S. News & World Report)
The coronavirus pandemic needs to bring reforms to upend the systems that hold girls and women back.

Millions of Dads Are Stuck at Home — Which Could Be a Game Changer for Working Moms April 4, 2020 (By Annalyn Kurtz – CNN Business)
Millions of dads have suddenly been forced to stay home with their kids. This historic moment could forever shift dynamics in both firms and families, leading to greater gender equality down the road. 

Coronavirus Isn’t Transphobic. But America’s Economic and Health Systems Are. April 3, 2020 (by  – Vox)
Here’s how the pandemic could further devastate trans people.

How Trans and Nonbinary People Are Coping Right Now April 3, 2020 (by  – Buzz Feed News)
Navigating housing, employment, and health care as a trans or nonbinary person isn’t easy. A pandemic makes these challenges even harder.

As a Teen Immigrant, the Coronavirus Has Shown Me the U.S. Needs to Do Better for Working Women April 1, 2020 (by Kanyin Shonibare – Teen Vogue)
Working-class women should be taken better care of. 

A Gender Lens for COVID-19 March 31, 2020 (by Susan Papp and Marcy Hersh – Ms. Magazine)
Gender is often an ignored factor during health emergencies—even though women comprise 70% of the global healthcare workforce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the most effective policy responses will be those that account for how the crisis is experienced by women and girls.

COVID-19 Aggravating Gender Inequalities March 30, 2020 (by Moraa Obiria – Daily Nation)
Economically, women are likely to make three steps backwards in push for equality once the coronavirus effect is over.

Global Health Security Depends on Women March 27, 2020 (by Roopa Dhatt – DEVEX)
Five asks that could hard-wire gender equality into health systems and ensure health security for us all, now and in the future.

COVID-19 Exposes the Dangers of Gender Inequality March 21, 2020 (by Tina Tchen – Marie Claire)
Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen argues that stronger paid leave policies could have prepared the U.S. to better respond the coronavirus outbreak. 

The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism March 19, 2020 (by Helen Lewis –  The Atlantic)
Pandemics affect men and women differently. 

COVID-19’s Gender Implications Examined in Policy Brief from CARE March 16, 2020 (CARE)
CARE is deeply concerned about the adverse and disproportionate effects that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely have on women and girls around the world, particularly in development and humanitarian settings. 

Gender and the Coronavirus Outbreak February 4, 2020 (by Julia Smith – ThinkGlobalHealth)
Gender inequities make outbreaks worse, so why not integrate gender analysis into the response now to help save lives? 

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