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Domestic Violence Is Just a Wall Away in No More Foundation’s Housebound Ad November 25, 2020 (by Emmet McGonagle – Campaign)
Domestic violence charity No More Foundation has launched a campaign encouraging the British public to help victims stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Shadow Pandemic: Violence Against Women During COVID-19 November 20, 2020 (by UN Women)
UN Women is providing up-to-date information and supporting vital programmes to fight the Shadow Pandemic of violence against women during COVID-19.

We Know COVID-19 Disproportionately Affects Women. Here’s How We Fight Back. October 8, 2020 (by Cammy Pedroja – SuperMajority News)
Since the coronavirus reached the U.S. in early 2020, over 210,000 lives have been lost, more than 20 million people have been infected, the economy has taken a hard hit, and our educational system has been upended. While most, if not all, people in this country have been impacted, widespread disease outbreaks have historically been disproportionately tough on women, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been no exception. From greater incidence of job loss to higher rates of domestic abuse, the patriarchal structure maintains its shape even in international chaos.

Surge in Femicides Under Lockdown Renews Calls for Colombia’s Reckoning with Gendered Violence September 21, 2020 (by Christina Noriega – Women’s Media Center)
On the night of June 14, police reported that 30-year-old Heidy Soriano and her four-year-old daughter had been killed by her partner in the home they shared in the capital city of Bogotá. The double homicide made headlines across Colombia after weeks of mounting violence against women during a nationwide lockdown.

26 Years In, the Violence Against Women Act Hangs in Limbo — While COVID Fuels a Domestic Violence Surge September 16, 2020 (by Shefali Luthra – The 19th*)
The landmark legislation expired last year, and hasn’t yet been renewed. That could lead to severe health impacts.

Hundreds of Girls, Women Have Disappeared During Pandemic in Peru August 4, 2020 (by Anastasia Moloney – Reuters)
More than 900 women and girls have gone missing in Peru during its coronavirus lockdown, a top women’s rights official said, calling for the creation of a national missing persons register to address the “alarming” number of disappearances.

Pakistani Women Trapped Between Coronavirus and Domestic Violence July 9, 2020 (by Mavra Bari – DW)
The coronavirus crisis has deepened social inequalities in Pakistan, disproportionately impacting vulnerable groups such as women and children. Activists say the interventions to deal with the issue are inadequate.

Transgender Murders Are ‘Rampant’ in 2020: Human Rights Campaign Counts 21 So Far, Nearly Matching Total of a Year Ago July 8, 2020 (by Elinor Aspegren – USA Today)
At least four transgender people have been murdered in the past week, bringing the yearly count to 21 — nearly matching 2019’s total of 27.

As Domestic Abuse Rises, U.K. Failings Leave Victims in Peril July 2, 2020 (by Amanda Taub and Jane Bradley – The New York Times)
At least 26 women and girls have been killed during the coronavirus lockdown, and others were trapped with abusers. But pleas for emergency support have largely gone unanswered.

Dual Pandemics: Coronavirus and Gender-Based Violence June 1, 2020 (by Karen Sherman – Think Global Health)
With violence doubling in some places, women bear the brunt of COVID-19—lessons from Rwanda for a post-pandemic world.

Why Are There So Many Empty Beds in Domestic Violence Shelters? May 31, 2020 (by Emily Shugerman – The Daily Beast)
Stay-at-home orders and economic security have made it hard for survivors to leave home, even as domestic violence rates increase, advocates say.

A Double Pandemic: Domestic Violence in the Age of COVID-19 May 13, 2020 (by Caroline Bettinger-Lopez and Alexandra Bro – Council on Foreign Relations)
Governments worldwide have imposed lockdowns to contain the coronavirus, but those same restrictions have increased the risks associated with domestic violence, especially for women, children, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal Contribute $1.5 Million Dollars to YWCA USA and YWCA Silicon Valley to Provide Assistance for Survivors of Violence May 4, 2020 (by Courtney Holsworth – YWCA)
Contributions from the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Fund will provide immediate, direct support and services for those fleeing or attempting to flee gender-based violence and experiencing housing insecurity.

What Happens to Domestic Violence Survivors When Natural Disasters Hit in the Middle of a Pandemic? May 4, 2020 (by Hilary Weaver – Women’s Media Center)
The loss of resources, support systems, and general safety puts survivors at risk of further abuse.

Domestic Violence, Child Marriage, and Genital Mutilation: Coronavirus Could Be a Catastrophe for Women April 28, 2020 (by Tim Hume – Vice News)
A U.N. analysis predicts a “calamitous” increase in violence against women, as well as unwanted pregnancies and child marriages.

1 Million Meals for Sex Trafficking Victims in C-19 April 2020 (by Apne Aap Women Worldwide Trust – Global Giving)
This project will distribute 1 Million Meals to the Apne Aap women in the red light areas of India (Kolkata, Forbesganj, Bihar and Delhi) who are hit hard in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uber Is Giving Free Rides to Help Survivors of Domestic Violence Flee to Safety April 23, 2020 (by Jenny Singer – Glamour)
With rates of domestic violence going up during the pandemic, Uber is partnering with shelters to donate 50,000 free rides.

The Critical Issue Congress Must Include in the Next COVID-19 Funding Package April 20, 2020 (by Dabney P. Evans – The Hill)
When Congress debates further relief in response to COVID-19, violence prevention and response must be among their considerations.

Sexual Assault Hotline Sees Spike in Messages from Minors Amid Coronavirus Outbreak April 17, 2020 (by Chantal Da Silva)
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network’s (RAINN) sexual assault hotline saw an unprecedented surge in messages from minors.

As the Virus Unleashes Violence, Women in War-torn Countries Organize April 10, 2020 (by  )
How Congolese, Lebanese, and Columbian women activists are stepping up to help prevent and create awareness of domestic violence.

Rihanna Creates Grant for Domestic Violence Survivors Amid Quarantine April 9, 2020 (by Sandra Song – Paper Magazine)
Rihanna and Twitter/Square CEO Jack Dorsey created a grant to provide shelter, meals, and counseling for individuals and their children suffering from domestic violence at a time when shelters are full and incidents are on the rise.

‘He Was the Last Person I Wanted to Be Stuck With’ April 9, 2020 (as told to Anna Silman – The Cut)
Social-distancing is meant to protect the public, but it also supports one of the most obvious tactics for abusers—to isolate partners from support.

Illinois Expands Domestic Violence Services During COVID-19 Pandemic April 2, 2020 (by Breane Lyga – WREX)
The Illinois Department of Human Services announced it will launch a $1.2 million plan to increase the capacity of its current statewide network of services for survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Measures to Control the Spread of Coronavirus Are a Nightmare for Victims of Domestic Violence. Advocates are Demanding Governments Step Up April 1, 2020 (by Miriam Berger – The Washington Post)
As the coronavirus continues to creep across the globe and governments respond with social control measures, victims of domestic violence, most often women, face a double threat: a deadly virus outside and an abuser at home.

French Government to House Domestic Abuse Victims in Hotels as Cases Rise During Coronavirus Lockdown March 31, 2020 (by Melissa Godin – TIME)
Paris has seen a 36% increase in the number of cases and a 32% rise throughout the rest of France. 

Domestic Violence Victims, Stuck at Home, Are at Risk During Coronavirus Pandemic  March 27, 2020 (by Scottie Andrew – CNN)
Victims of domestic violence are cut off from resources while they stay shut in during the coronavirus pandemic. Advocates are struggling to find new ways to help them.

School Closures Mean Teachers Aren’t Reporting Child Abuse. The Numbers Are Disturbing.  March 25, 2020 (by Madison Pauly – Mother Jones)
The people most likely to report child abuse—educators and other professionals—are not interacting with children as frequently because schools are closed.

Domestic Abuse Victims in ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ During Outbreak, Providers Say March 24, 2020 (by Laura Newberry and Nicole Santa Cruz – Los Angeles Times)
Research has found a relationship between natural disasters and increased rates of interpersonal violence

Where Can Domestic Violence Victims Turn During Covid-19?  March 23, 2020 (by Tanya Selvaratnam – The New York Times)
Self-isolation during the pandemic can be dangerous for those in abusive relationships. Resources are limited, but there are options.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Will Rise During Quarantines. So Will Neglect of At-Risk People, Social Workers Say. March 21, 2020 (by Joaquin Sapien, Ginger Thompson, Beena Raghavendran and Megan Rose – ProPublica)
Patchwork social service departments are scrambling to address the fallout of coronavirus restrictions, and social workers say vast numbers of at-risk, elderly, sick and disabled Americans will be imperiled.

What Does Coronavirus Mean for Violence Against Women?  March 19, 2020 (by Jhumka Gupta – Women’s Media Center)
While necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19, sheltering in place has been shown to exacerbate domestic violence. 

Women Are Using This Code Word At Pharmacies To Report Domestic Violence During Covid-19 February 4, 2020 (by Katie O’Malley – Elle)
France and Spain have launched an initiative to help individuals who are unable to explicitly report domestic violence.

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